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I know, workout clothes post in January, how groundbreaking?

But honestly it is one thousand percent true that if you have a cute outfit for the gym you are way more excited to go. Trying to hustle in pilled leggings and your old college tee is not really going to be the kick in the ass you need to get out the door. But leggings that make your booty look good and a perfectly flattering top, well that will get you there. 

In case you are wondering what my workout goals might be this year, I actually did not make any. I would like to keep moving my body in lots of different ways and to feel really good about how I feel inside. If the outside might gain some benefit, fantastic, but honestly I want to be able to do all the things well into my 80s and that is only possible if I stay in motion. 

Of all the exercise I do, Pilates is by far the best. I have osteoarthritis and have had it since I was 19, so joint health and strength is huge for me. I started going to pilates regularly after some terribly boring PT that did not feel like a workout. Luckily, I have found a studio that not only is helping me build a better body for my entire life but also gives me the workout that I need to feel satisfied that I actually got a workout. For locals, Tensile Strength is the absolute best! And for anyone (especially those who want to try or need a workout on the go) here is a mat workout video I did with my teacher, Jessica, that gets you sweating, stretching, and those abs burning. 

As for my other workouts, I love the Tuesday Tabata at SBC, tennis drills with my fave gals, running on a treadmill while watching Bravo, and my newest addition, the Pelaton. Still easing in but so far I like it. 

So while I am in motion, these are my favorite pieces that get me motivated and I feel fine wearing around town post workout. Each of them I have bought more than once and continue to grab when I see new colors on sale. 

1. & 2. GameSetStyle is such a go to site for me with the most curated items. Plus, they will put together a style box for you to take the guess work out. A muscle tank and Terez leggings never fail.
3. This jacket is crazy warm and the color combo is so fun. Goes way beyond the normal fleece. 
4. & 5. I am obsessed with this sport bra and its old school design, really comfy. And these leggings are comfy and cute, plus come in so many fun colors. Save when you do a set. 
6. & 7. I cannot tell you how many times I have bought this tank and leggings over the years. I have 3 pairs in black right now and reach for them over and over. 
8. Words cannot express my love for this tennis dress. I have it in white, but am coveting the black. 
9. & 10. The Maria line from Nike always has the cutest sets that are also comfortable. They always run small, so size up. I love how flouncy this skirt is and a matching top is always a great look. 
11. Of course I have a bubble gum pink fit and flare tennis dress?! haha it also comes in black and white and is honestly one of the best fitting dresses. 
12. &13. I thought I would always stay true to Lulu, but honestly Athleta has serious upped their game. These leggings are crazy soft and this top is the perfect length. 


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