Gift Guide: Tweens & Teens

When the kids are too big for toys shopping can get tough. The options are fewer, the price tags bigger, and the ability to please is harder. SO, I dug around for what I think even the most discerning would love under the tree. There is a little something for everyone. From the techie to the fashion forward and lots in between.  

1. A game that allows them to use their phones, but really they are interacting with each other $34
2. A new smart Alexa that does everything, including wake them up $49
3. A funky sand phone case (also in blue) $40
4. A waterproof bluetooth speaker they can clip to their backpack $22
5. Gold huggies that she will die over $42
6. Ancestry kit so they can trace their roots $49
7. AirPods are THE things right now
8. A henna tattoo kit because it is way better than the real deal $21
9. A drone that hooks up to their phone and makes videos $70
10. An outdoor projector and screen for the ultimate hang with their friends $80
11. A handheld music mixer to put together their one beats $100
12. A Happy book to help them smile more $13
13. A photo printer so they can finally get all those photos off their phone $80
14. A Glossier make up set because all the cool girls love it $54
15. Fuzzy slippers that she might even wear out of the house (other colors available) $29

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