Gift Guide: For the Kids

I went a little bananas on this one, but I know it can be hard to think outside the box or know what kids will actually play with! I pulled inspiration from lots of sources, including my own kids. A lot of these things are on their list or we own them and they play with them time and again. Because there is nothing that drives me up the wall more than sending money on a toy that is forgotten about the day after Christmas. 

1. A crystal growing kit they can do on their own $14
2. A hoverboard, because obviously $98
3. Klask is like mini indoor hockey and a great sibling/family game $46
4. A magnetic chess set because they love chess club $37
5. LOL surprise box with so many things it will take hours to unwrap $80
6. A sweet tent pod for the yard or their room for reading $60
7. Gravity Maze is a great STEM game they will love $30
8. Sushi Go Party is a card game for the whole family $20
9. Root Beer Making Kit for your soda lover $16
10. A smart watch that they can call or text you from, plus 100 other things $140
11. Make Your Own Fairy Garden they can paint and then watch grow $25
12. Gumball Machine Maker, my kids are begging for this one $39
13. A cozy robe (comes in other colors) $39
14. A little indoor garden for your green thumb or little chef
15. I cannot boast about Osmo enough. It is such a great interactive way to use iPads and learn STEM, math, and reading $70
17.  A Japanese game that will be the competition of the house $57
18. This Pencil Nose Game looks hilarious $24
19. Nintendo Switch, if you really want to go for it $300
20. An incredible problem solving puzzle that will use their little brains $14

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