Gift Guide: For the Guys

We love them, but man are the men in our lives hard to shop for. Our better halves, our dads, nephews, and brothers are not great with coming up with ideas either. I tried to think outside of the box on this one and really come up with ideas that will make them smile. Because isn't that the best part of gift giving?! 

1. Take him back to the 90s with this retro North Face puffer $249
2. A Yeti Man Purse for all his craft beer and White Claws
3. Sporty Bose Wireless ear buds that he can wear at the gym and for runs $149
4. The ultimate 3 day emergency kit for his car or boat with all the essentials $175
5. Because guys want a little Gucci in their lives too $210
6. A draft growler to show off at parties $148
7. A cool marble charger for his beloved iWatch $120
9. Occulus Virtual Reality googles to blow his mind $149
10. Golf Course dart board for office boredom $120
11. Under Eye de-puffer stick that you can steal from him after long nights $20
12. A monogrammed travel case for all his chargers and cords $49
13. A car seat massager! $116
14. The muscle massager all his friends at Crossfit are raving about $299
15. Old School Clue for him to play with the kids
16. An egg cooker for the microwave to make eggs for himself in the AM $36
17. Cozy Sorel Slippers for padding around the house $70
18. The absolute cutest puffer cozies for outdoor bonfires $15

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