What's In My Carry On

It is rare that I get to travel solo, but when I do I enjoy the hell out of it. Hours of solo time to read, watch what I want, sip coffee, and maybe even snooze. The only draw back being the dehydration, the inevitable bloat, and the ragged skin after landing. BUT, all worth it and I try to plan on doing all the things to land as refreshed as possible. 

Here is my arsenal, which includes NO KIDS THINGS (!) that I am packing for this trip. 

I cannot wait to dive into a new book and a new show! My routine is to get a giant bottle of water and a latte, get on the plane, cozy up in a big scarf and put in my headphones. Then I slather on a mask, extra lip balm, and hand cream. I might pop an Aleve or two for my joints on a long flight too (yep, I am a grandma). When it is almost time to land, I spray my face with an elixir, brush on my favorite sunscreen, and pop on a tinted lip balm to perk up the ole face. I carry everything in a big tote and bring my hat because I hate when they get smooshed in my suitcase. I also bring a couple battery packs charged up in case there are no outlets on the flight. 

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