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It went straight from the most beautiful fall to full blown winter this week. It is actually comical how snowy it is. And the full denial I have is real since my kids are squeezing into last year's winter gear and I have plans to still wear open toe shoes in the near future. We shall see. 
I do love any excuse to wear pajamas all day and be super cozy, so I will embrace that and will the weather to get warmer. I have grand plans of teaching the kids to make lasagna today, so tucking into that will be a nice warm blanket with a side of red wine. I hope you had a fun Halloween week and survived the sugar high and the snow. 
This week's favorites definitely are showing the season change...

1. I posted these leopard flats on Instagram and got lots of questions. They are SO comfy and my go to flat all year. You can really wear them with anything and the quality is so nice. 
2. Super on top of my holiday card game and ordered this simple one this year. Minted always has such cute options and all cards are 15% off this week. Use code JOY19
3. With snow comes muddy boots and wet snow gear being lugged in every day. It is nice to swap in a cute runner or small rug for the foyer that can take the mess. I am LOVING this Oushak-esque woven and for the price you can bring on all the dirt. 
4. J. Crew has taken it's beloved Chateau coat and made it a budget friendly parka that looks so cozy. It comes in this sweet pink and lots of other great colors to cheer up the season. On sale right now! 
5. I wore these cropped knit pants on the plane last week and I am OBSESSED with them. High waisted, super soft, and tailored enough that you could wear to a meeting and get away with it. 
6. If you watch my stories you know that I am a converted bath person now. I am also playing a lot of tennis, so I wanted to find something that really detoxed and soothed tired muscles. I poured this entire bag of magnesium salts in a warm bath and have to say if you are aching it is worth having a few of them around. 
7. With holiday dressing coming up (promise to have a dedicated post to this!) I am always looking for rich toned, feast friendly, dresses and I love this one so much. An investment piece you can wear well into Spring. 
8. I have been coveting the Bottega pouch forever and this one looks beautiful for 15% of the price. It comes in so many colors and the reviews are all great. 
9. I made this broccoli and cheese rice bake for the fam for while I was away and it was SO good. The perfect cozy meal and awesome for the freezer. 
10. The heat has been on a week and my skin is already dry as can be. I buy this lotion by the tub and it is the only one that lasts all day and night. 

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