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I am gearing up for a weekend away with friends (solo!) so this week will be all about doing the prep. It always makes me feel better to leave when things are organized for my crew, but getting it together can be stressful. So I have lots of lists going, some meals to prep, and more importantly outfits to plot for packing. I will be posting a bunch while I am gone, so make sure to follow on Insta!  In the meantime, here are a few favorites from last week...

1. Mary has a super cozy fleece that I have been jealous of or weeks and I finally found one just like it. ON SALE woohoo! 
2. I use this rich lotion year round, but as it gets colder I need it even more. I slather on my hands each night and massage into any extra dry patches I might have. It really is a cure all and non-toxic. 
3. The last thing I needed was more pajamas or sweat suits, but here we are getting more. And I LOVE this set from Splendid so much. It is crazy soft and cozy, but not too hot so you can wear to sleep too. I wore it to drop off and possibly the entire next day after sleeping in it. ha
4. I am almost done with this book that weaves a complicated story of a family of four very different sisters. Fun and sad and true, you will love it. 
5. Speaking of sad, I am SO sad I plowed through all the episodes of Workin' Moms on Netflix. I need something new! 
6. The perfect sweater dress is kind of the holy grail of Fall. Add tights and you also have the best winter outfit. This wine colored number might just be it. 
7. You know I am big Glossier fan (this and this I use every day) and I am loving the new formula of the Generation G lipsticks. Think of it as part stain, part 'I just blotted my lipstick" without the blotting. The Jam color seems like it would be so dark, but I think it is the perfect berry for Fall. 
8. Finally an Ugg alternative that is cute! Also come in black, brown, beige, and leopard!


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