Let's Go Bold

Fresh start to a new year and the start of what is usually a minimalist vibe.
 Resolutions, diets, home organization. 
That is all well and good, but I am BORED. 
I want color and fun and wacky to start the year. It is cold and gray and lame for the next three months, so let's at least have some fun with it.
Mix up some unexpected colors, throw on a print you would usually never wear, and try a bold lip. 
So when everyone else is gabbing about their hours organizing closets to find joy and new keto diets, you are laughing and smiling and joy-ing the hell out of the year full of life and color. 
To help you on your GO BOLD journey, here are some cute ideas to get you started.  

1. The best blue sweater / 2. A bright bag that can be worn many ways / 3. A pink faux fur coat / 4. a wide striped shirt for everything / 5. A marigold sweatshirt that says "love" / 6. Obsessed with this green striped sweater / 7. Cool green mirrored sunglasses / 8. Red hoops that instantly make life more fun / 9. Coral Golden Gooses on SALE! / 10. A pink puffer is always a good idea / 11. A soft and cozy blue coat / 12. A bright green sweater with fun sleeves / 13. I just bought these coated jeans and LOVE them / 14. A leopard dress to make any dinner/event so much more fun / 15. Blue suede shoes, because duh / 16. Worship this satchel/backpack that comes in a ton of colors  


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