Best Buys of 2018

Happy New Year! 
I was planning on writing something reflective and deep and then was over it. ha 
SO much happened this year and yet nothing that was not overcome or not enjoyed to its fullest extent. 
So good and bad, we can handle it, right? 
At least I hope to keep that feeling going into 2019. 
Stay active, eat healthy most some of the time, laugh with friends, appreciate family, and enjoy these kids before they get too big to want to hang out. 
And when the bad stuff happens, it is going to be fine. 
Seriously, it will. 

Looking back on the blog this year, I have to say there were times I was working on it and just did not feel that it was worth keeping up. But then per usual, you all surprise me by clicking around and showing me that you are still there and enjoying it. So thank you SO much! You are what motivates me to keep it up and as I expand my real estate and design services this year (exciting stuff!), I hope to bring you a better site and instagram experience to encompass it all. 

I know you all love the posts with the hidden gems, best values, and life hack type products. So I thought I would round up my favorite and most used buys of 2018. Would love to hear some of your favorite buys in comments!

1. A few drops of this magical serum each morning actually makes a difference in my skin. Less wrinkles and a bit of a glow. 
2. GUYS, if you do not own these faux leather leggings, BUY THEM. They are magic and absolutely anyone can pull them off. 
3. This open front sweater blazer has been on rotation all year. With jeans, dresses, leggings, everything. Comes in other colors and is on mega sale. 
4. So I am an eye cream enthusiast and this one is the real deal. Worth the investment, friends. 
5. This red wine mouth blocker came with me everywhere this year. Easy to put on and completely works! 
6. These faux suede leggings are AMAZING. They look like real suede and are basically free. Also come in other colors. 
7. This non-foundation foundation is the best light, but full coverage make up I have ever used. One little dot added to your regular moisturizer creates the perfect tinted moisturizer. 
8. I make a big latte in the morning and this keeps me caffeinated well until lunch by staying warm. It also actually fits in the cup holder of my car and comes in cute colors. 
9. These block heel sandals are super comfortable, come in a million colors at a great price. Love them more than most of my pricier shoes and going to order the closed toe version too. 
10. These boot cut cropped jeans feel like pajamas and look cute with any shoes. On sale. 
11. These Valentino sandals are plastic, but you cannot tell in person. So you can sport them to the pool or dinner just the same. 
12. I have noticed a difference in my skin and hair, tummy, and general health since putting a scoop of collagen in my coffee. It is totally tasteless too. 
13. This sun hat is the best. Albeit a little grandma-ish, it packs easy, keeps you cool, and blocks a lot of sun from face and chest. 
14. For those like me that loathe an underwire, this bra will change your life. 
15. Custom canvas totes are the answer to every bag problem you have for yourself and your kids. Love all the sizes and you cannot beat the price point. 


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