Best & Worst Dressed: Oscars 2018

Did you watch last night? Honestly I watched the show to see the song from The Greatest Showman sung and it was towards the darn end! I digress... 
So I know the Oscars is supposed to be the big show. The one we all wait for and all the dazzle it brings. But this year felt a bit subdued and pulled back. Plain even? Maybe it was because of the recent political and cultural stances that have been taking place on the carpet. But regardless, I missed seeing some real stand out and risky dresses tonight. Even if it is a miss, at least it happened? There were some really beautiful moments though and not too many misses. Although you can be sure I found them and will be pointing them out. 

First My Top Three: 

J. Law is giving us disco queen and I love it. The dress fits perfectly and she really went for the whole vibe. Margot is STUNNING in this white off the shoulder. The fit and drape is beautiful and I love the hair so much. Nicole rarely misses and this was one of those statement dresses I needed. The color is SO good. Even her pose is perfect for it. The hair bugs, but other than that it is perfect. 

Other Favorites: 
Zendaya is so beautiful in this. I think it has a smidge too much volume. But, the entire look from the hair, jewels, tone of dress, I am in love with it. Allison was looking painfully thin on the last carpet, and she may well be still, but is looking more like the girl we love here. Glam hair and makeup with a beautiful classic gown. Jen went for siren and I love it (see ya Ben!). This is exactly the kind of statement she needed to make. I have never seen her this vamped up and it suites her. 

Gal's look is pretty. There is something about it that I do not love, but cannot even put my finger on. She really cannot do wrong and clearly pulls it off. It was gorgeous on stage. Viola does color so well. To wear this color is risky, but the simple silhouette and fun hair and hoops rounds it all out perfectly. The hem of Saiorse's dress is driving me nuts, but the shade of pink is beautiful on her and the bow is the perfect touch. 

Helen is kind of a snooze, but per usual stunning and I love her hair. Laura also kept it so simple. Which I can appreciate, but she could have done something so much better. Her hair is so pretty. Jane is 80. That is all. 

Metallic can be such a good way to go on the carpet, but these missed the mark for me. 
Molly just had baby number 3 I think, so clearly she is an alien. But I think the chest is not doing her justice. Also, why was she there? Lupita's dress goes too costume for me. If this was just a gold lame in an interesting cut I think it would have been stunning. Sandra's hair kills this look for me. It is so severe. And I wish the neck of this did not go up and was a subtle scoop. So minor because clearly she looks amazing, but would have helped. 

Some other lovelies. 
This gorgeous girl's name eludes me, but this is the perfect shade of blush. Keala was in The Greatest Showman which might be on my top 10 fave movie list now. She was amazing and looks so pretty here! Greta pulls off yellow, which is so hard. This has an orange tone and I love it paired with an unexpected red lip. 

These are two head scratchers, but...
This is the dress that Rita wore 50 years ago when she won an Oscar. Which shows that if you wear the right dress it becomes a classic. She rocks. And I KNOW that you will think this on Audrey should be on the absolute bottom, but you guys, I kind of like it! lol The sleeves are a bit much, but it is interesting and she went for it. You think I am insane, right? 

Ok, so my worst dressed of the night...
Selma's dress was clearly a couture gown, but it needed to be reigned in. There is too much and those ruffles on the bottom cheapen it. Whoa there Lindsey. This is like a futuristic saloon girl who wants to punch someone int he face. She should have stayed to her sportiness and showed off that all american girl style she is known for. While I like Emma's suit, it is NOT DRESSY ENOUGH. There is probably a way to do a tuxedo on Oscar night and it could be amazing. This is not it. 

Leslie's is not that bad. Just came off cheesy to me and I did not like the fit of the front. She is the coolest still though. Taraji's dress is just all wrong with too much going on. The draping, mesh and long sleeves with the slit is not a good combo. Oh and Maya. Also a favorite who never gets it right and this blows my mind. I think it is actually a jumpsuit? But it just looks like a bag. With some tailoring this maybe could have been ok???

The worst were not even that bad, right? 
What did you think???

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