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 I gave a little glimpse into our kitchen the other day on Instagram and I got a lot of questions about the details and sources. 

We kept out kitchen footprint almost the same, but expanded the island and attached our kitchen table to it based on spacing. I WORSHIP the pedestal under the kitchen table surface. I designed it with Artifactual Furniture Co. which did many projects in the house and I love them. The floors were original to the house, we just had them sanded and stained in this dark color. The wood has a lot of red, so I was not able to lighten them up asI would have liked, but the dark floors feel right for the traditional style of the house. Here are some other sources. 

1. I searched for the prettiest, but sturdiest (our last one was pricey and broke) pull down faucet I could find and loved the details of this Waterstone Faucet. We used this brand for filtered/hot water and this for the pot filler as well. 
2. We ordered our cabinets through Wellborn. It is a classic shake with a bit of edging detail. The island is in Bleu and the rest of the kitchen is Glacier. 
3. Our countertops are Aurea Stone. This was a new product for our fabricator and it is beautiful. It has all the best qualities and durability of quartz, but the veining has a lovely depth to it that sets it apart. It was less expensive than Ceaser Stone as well. 
4. Wishbone chairs come in a lot of price points, but I went with the lowest I could find (back in stock soon). I love the natural seat base, but my kids still fling tomato sauce and play with play doh so I wanted something I could easily replace with no pain. This natural finish is nice too. And these are a bit nicer. 
5. Fireclay Tile is such a top notch company. I worked directly with one of their reps and came up with concept design together. I wanted a fun shape and love the large size. We incorporated in the gray/bleau so the kitchen was not so stark white. 
6. I actually got this Caitlyn Wilson rug for our back door on her last sale. I think want to order in the runner size for in front of the sink now as I love the softness it brings to the room. 
7. My knobs and pulls are Atlas. Just wanted something classic in polished nickel. I also chose something that would not be painful price wise to switch out as now I feel like I want to switch it to brass. 
8. I found my giant dough bowl at a local antique store, but even PB is selling them now. It brings some warmth and is a great catch all/fruit basket. This one and this one on Esty are great finds and prices. 

Let me know what other questions you have. I will try and post more photos as time goes on and each room feels more finished. 
Ask any questions as well! 


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