Current Wish List & Nordstrom Sale

Hi there. So life has seriously gotten in the way of writing. And frankly focusing on family, friends, and work while enjoying all the Summer fun has been so great. But I do miss you of course, so I wanted to check in.  

And while I do not like to get political or too personal here, I will say that the news near and far has been incredibly sad. There are some very scary scenarios happening in countries far away and even as close as the city of Chicago. And while I like to keep informed and form opinions of my own, it can sometimes be hard to do so with how we are fed information these days. So I am keeping my ears open and mostly just trying to think compassionately and praying for families that are losing loved ones or living in any type of fear. How terrible to have to face that. Best quote this week was "Turn off the "news", and love your neighbor." I know that is so flower child to say, but that is really where I am at right now.  

In more fun news, I turn 25 next week! ha Actually I am feeling pretty good about 35. It is a good age, right? Smack dab in your thirties, wiser than your 25 year old self (by a lot), and old enough to know that swapping any BS in your life for only the good stuff is the way to go. Here's what is on my wish list. (PS: A lot of this is from Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, so much good stuff)

1. Shiny new golf shoes by Nike
2. A delicate diamond necklace by Jennifer Zeuner
3 & 4 & 5. Fell in love with tennis again last week. So this dress, racket, and skirt would outfit me very well. 
6. Bluetooth headphones for running. 
7. Sleek boots from Stuart Weitzman. (on sale)
8. Love this parka for the Winter by Mackage. This one is great too.   (on sale)
9. Love these Rag & Bone booties for Fall.  (on sale)
10. And because Chanel. Always 

There is a lot of great stuff on the Nordstrom Sale. I tend to gravitate towards the coats and shoes because I think you get the most bang for your buck when it comes to the savings. Here are my picks. Hover over and click to link. 


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