And so it begins...

New year! New you! New life! Everything is going to be awesome! You're awesome! 

This message has never resonated with me. I always saw the new year as the start of winter and the end of my favorite holiday. Not in a dark way, but just sort of a blah way. Of course I have made resolutions in the past, but trying to change your life just because we did a countdown and its January again seems silly. 

So many resolutions are about taking things away. The food, the booze, the screen time, the spending, the fun really. Ha 

So maybe this new year we think about what we want more of. Adding things that can improve our lives instead of taking things away seems way more fun and easier to mentally get behind. 

Here's a few things on my MORE list... 

1. Hygge: I am obsessed with this Danish word/concept. It is basically a word that embodies coziness. Lighting candles, eating meals with those you love, fire burning, getting under blankets, warm tea. It is fascinating and really a way of life which I hope to have a lot of this winter. 
2. Creative cooking: I have been good about cooking, but I need to get back to making more exciting meals in the kitchen. There is a heavy rotation of the same and the kids could use some exposure to other flavors. Nothing complicated or fancy, just new recipes.
3. Epsom salt baths: I took one of these on a moody morning when I was recovering from the flu while the kids were at school. It was glorious and restorative, even if it was only fifteen minutes.
4. Wide Open Spaces: The interior shots that I gravitate to most these days are pretty sparse. Not a ton on the walls, not a pile of pillows on the sofa, just fresh spaces that you fee like you can breath in but still feel warm. More of this style in the house would be great and that includes closets/toy baskets, which could use more less is more. (see what I did there? ha) 
5. Dark chocolate: More nightly sweet treat is usually of the frozen variety, so I might as well start making it something that is "healthy." Dying to try these bars from Compartes.  
6. Books: Ah, reading. The elusive pastime that has been shoved to the side by Netflix and small people. I have figured out that downloading books onto my phone is my best bet. A little here while waiting for a Dr appointment, a bit more there while the kids are playing nicely for ten seconds, I can make it to the end! Have you read Brooklyn? Looks good.
7. Dance: I would more than anything love to start taking class again (hard to find in an adult class right now) once a week. Anyone want to get one together? And in the meantime more dance parties all winter long. 

This is definitely a list I can get behind. What's on your list???
Happy New Year! 

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