Merry + Bright

The cooking prep has begun, the errands are all ran, and one last holiday party tonight, then it all really starts. The laze in pajamas, carols at church, feasting to no end, gift giving, frizzy champagne, and fantastic family time. 

And the best part, really most important of all, is sharing traditions, laughter, and the magic of Christmas with two very sweet kids. Who have literally melted me this year with their little smiles, emerging minds, and sweet hugs. 

We consider ourselves insanely lucky and this year there is so much to be thankful for. Both professionally and personally there has been plenty of good to celebrate. 

And with each year comes refIection. I have noticed the harshness of the world feels closer to home even when tragedies happen thousand of miles away. Maybe that comes with age and the understanding of reality more. So we do the things we can to keep our worlds turning, including giving back and holding the kids extra close when something dreadful happens. 

So time to get cozy, warm cups of coffee, the weight of little bodies in our laps, gazing at trees and fires, and soak up the love. We are all so lucky to have it in all the forms it comes our way. And to you, the readers I cherish so much, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope it's the best yet. 


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