Series: Can't Live Without

Have a Happy Halloween everyone! I have a little princess and ninja turtle to escort tomorrow, let's hope that the weather complies. Wishing you many treats and cozy mornings. 

Here are the next ladies who can tell us what they currently Can't Live Without…

Beach babe and mom of two adorable boys, who loves a breakfast burrito and to boogie... 
2. Iced tea with milk and sugar
3. Chanel Blush in Malice
5. Nordstrom light-medium down pillow 

Mom of two boys and two vizslas, who gives great advice, can beat you in tennis and golf in the same day, and kills it in the kitchen...
Mom of three and Realtor, who is a California girl through and through. She loves a surf sesh with the family and splitting a bottle of wine with the hubs after...
1. My Trina Turk pool pants
2.Yogi Toes Yoga towel for hot yoga
4. Bob jogging stroller "Escalade of strollers"
5. Rose hip oil for moisturizing

Teacher and Mom to the sweetest baby boy, who also happens to be a hilarious and a ton of fun...

Happy Weekend! 

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