Sweaters to Love

Sweaters are getting a lot of play this winter. It is freaking cold. Maybe not so much for you ladies in the winter that is summer area of the West, but for the rest of us, winter blows. My sweaters are all starting to look a little ragged and frankly the thought of investing in sweaters and not in fun, flirty spring dresses does not make me happy. 
Enter Topshop for Nordstrom. I love that you can now shop Topshop in the place where you probably buy everything else in your life. Their sweater game is on point and the options are all under $200 with quality that shocks me a bit, frankly. Here are some of the best, but there are much more on the site

Happy Weekend to you all! I hope you stay cozy and don't forget to watch the Oscars on Sunday (or at least the red carpet), I will have my full run down on Monday. 

1 comment:

  1. Adorable sweaters, wish to have one - the 5th sweater dress looks great. Thanks for sharing, visit our page White + Warren for more knitwear design for women, men and for baby. Thanks ! :)



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