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The beginning of this year has gotten me seriously out of sorts. Between travel, sick kiddies, work, there is not a lot of rhythm to my day. But there are a few things right now that I am either enjoying or hope to soon. Some lovely randomness for you...

1. Instagram is probably one of the only social media outlets I check regularly these days and I love @natgeo. Photos and stories around the world each day that inspire and educate you, what could be better? 

2. My beloved little bracelet with my kids initials on it broke. So I am on the hunt for a new one. Thinking this one with both of their initials would be a nice replacement. Bauble Bar $119

3. I am also loving a hat right now. This floppy one from J. Crew looks perfect. $54

4. Reading actual books was a resolution of sorts and I am deep into Unbroken right now. Anytime you need some perspective start reading a book about a POW from World War II. It makes your day, no matter how difficult, feel like a breeze. Love the way she entangles the story of the protagonist and those  in his life. Plus the education on the Pacific theatre of this war is insanely eye opening. Love a good history lesson on this grand old dame of a country of ours.

5. With the influx of new things after Christmas, my mind keeps wandering on how to simplify my life. My house, my mind, my day. This 30 day challenge might be something great for the coming weeks. You into it?  

6. Santa brought a Nespresso machine, which is great, except I do not drinks coffee. But! The milk frother has changed my life. I am perfecting my Chai Latte every day. (ps: the coffee is delicious)

7. That picture is terrible, but Jimmy Kimmel was on the Bachelor this week and it was pretty great. I love how into he is. The above is Jimmy eating wings while watching the Bach and his date make out in a hot tub. Does anyone else still watch? (ps: Melissa, I miss your round ups!) 

Anything cool and exciting that is making your day/week? Would love to hear. 


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