SAG Awards 2015: Best & Worst

Everyone shows up to this event. Everyone. I spotted Andrea Zuckerman in the crowd. She did not look half bad, either. A lot of ladies looked fantastic, some needed some help. 

These ladies are the top of the top of the Best for me. Some real surprises too! 

Julianna's dress is wrinkled, one of my all time pet peeves, BUT the color is stunning on her. Love the cut of the dress, the hair, all of it. Felicity Jones is perfection in this sweet pink. Classic and styled simply, which so works for her. Julie Bowen! Welcome to the best dressed list! She finally got it right with this perfectly femme number with simple styling. Anna from Downton looks like a full blown movie star. Love her. 

Now for everyone else… 

Blossom seriously upped her game. I would not call her a best, but she certainly is most improved. Meryl looks like she picked this up on the way to the show. Not great. This lace frock is a departure for Juliette, which I like, but her hair is too much with it. A sleek chignon would have been better. 

Two pretty green dresses on Julianne and Claire. Julianne's is a bit unflattering, but pretty. Kind of in love with Claire's. The green is a little off and that belt is questionable, but she looks so fab. Love the but of the dress. 

The ladies that choose a print are really taking the most chance. I think Rashida kills it in this black and white. It has that Bohemian vibe that works for her and I love the bright tipping and pony. Lupita's is not working for me, it looks a little cheap. Although of course she looks stunning beauty and hair wise. Natalie dress is really pretty. Love the watercolor effect and her styling is spot on. 

Sometimes suits can work and sometimes they are awful. I would say Julia's is in the awful category. What is this?! And I love a jumpsuit so much, this is so awkward in every way. Emma, god I love her, but I cannot get behind a sheer skirt. I just can't do it. Other than that, I love everything else about it. 

All these ladies wore white really well. Reese looks a bit like a robot lately, have you noticed that? Wish she would take a little more risk. And Maggie G has seriously put herself together so far for this season. She went from hot mess hippie to regal lady over the last year. 

I kind of consider all of these girls "cool" girls, and somehow they missed the mark this time around. Amanda Peet is gorgeous beyond words, so why she is wearing her Mom's old prom dress boggles my mind. Amy Ryan's could be great, but the proportions are all off volume wise. And Naomi, she always looks perfect, but that top piece (fur? rope? garland?) ruins the entire look. Otherwise, this would have been a best. 

There is always a good showing of metallic, these ladies show us how it is done. Emme's dress is beautiful. Gretchen's is so pretty with just enough 20s feel that works so well on her. And Sarah Hyland (even though, again, I don't like a sheer skirt) looks gorge. 

Who invited Matthew McConaughey??? Camila looks stunning (expect that weird look on her face and it looks like she is hiding her wine glass behind her in this pic ha) and he threw on that jacket just to make them look like a mismatched prom couple and his beard and slicked hair combo is creepy. It is possible to look scruffy and tailored all of the same time, he has shown us before

And lastly, the worst dressed… 

Rosamund took a chance in this black dress. Not working. the shape and high/low is bad. J. Aniston, I just do not get this at all. Plus, she wore the body chain again. First time it was great, two times, it is already tired. This purple dress that Keira is wearing is too much on a pregnant belly. Too much lace. 

Lady Edith, that girl cannot catch a break. This dress is a mess and her hair is even more so. And I heart her so much! I do not know who this girl is with the sleeves, but they are awful. Anna Clumsky is channeling a bit too much Judy Jetson with this dress. The red and white is also too much. And wtf is Lo Bosworth doing there? I thought that I had flipped pages when I saw her on the red carpet. Not only was she there, but this dress is blah. Way too pale, way too low cut. I am so confused. 

Who were on your best and worst? Would love to know what you thought! 


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