Holiday Appetizer Favorites

It can be tough with all of the entertaining and company this week and next month. While your table is usually filled with family favorites and traditional dishes, the appetizer can be something you can have more fun with. Everyone loves a nosh when they arrive somewhere or are watching you slave in the kitchen (ha), so here are a few of my favorite appetizers for the season. Click on the name of the dish for the recipe. 

Very few ingredients and truly one of my all time favorite things to make. Travels well too, just assemble at your destination. 

Warm, ooey, gooey, cheese with sweet jam and a flaky crust. Nothing better and comes together in minutes. 

Always nice to have a healthy snack around when all it seems we do is indulge. This is packed with flavor and guiltless. 

I make this for myself because it is so fabulous. Truly a crowd pleaser and is made in advance. Tons of flavor and a creamy cheese makes everyone happy. 

If you need any other menu help for your Thanksgiving this week, let me know! 


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