Getting in the Spirit

I know it is crazy to think about Christmas before Halloween even comes, but honestly it the only thing that can get me in a creative state of mind. Burnout happens to me probably a few times a year and over the last couple of weeks, it is in full swing. Sometimes it is hard to feel creative enough to put content together for you that is actually worth reading. And my thought is always that quality is better than quantity and I would never want to disappoint you with some ho-hum post (although I am sure it still happens!). So that is the reason for the lack of posts lately. But when I started thinking about all the upcoming holiday parties that you might have coming up, a light bulb went off. And honestly, holiday party dress shopping is probably one of my favorite posts of the year. Dresses with a little something extra that puts you in the mode of the season are always fun to find. Here are a few that stand out from the crowd of the usual suspects that are so fun. 

1. It is rare to be able to wear white if you are not a bride. Take advantage. For Love & Lemons $255
2. This dress is actually embroidered. So so pretty and love the colors. Asos $180
3. This is the second time I posted this dress. I love it that much Alice + Olivia $396
4. The front is covered up and cute, but the sassy back and jacquard makes it a fave. Alice + Olivia $395
5. This hunter green knit is screaming for a statement necklace. Alice + Olivia $396
6. A floral digital print feels surprisingly festive. Asos $165
7. Such a sucker for a black and white dress and the draping on this is so pretty. Shoshanna $295
8. A lot of beading, but in an understated way. These silhouettes are always flattering too. Asos $181

Hopefully this is a kick for me to get my mojo back and if there is anything you are looking for specifically please let me know. Would love ideas! 


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