Work Wardrobe

I have not worked in a professional setting for quite sometime, so work day essentials are not on my radar. Though while shopping, I can't help but get a bit nostalgic for what I might be wearing to the office these days. I was always about classic, tailored pieces that could be mix and matched easily. Everything in neutral colors that looked crisp with a few tasteful pops of color in the seasons current favorites. Though I may not be in need of a work wardrobe, I have plenty of friends who do (one in particular, you know who you are) and put together what I would be stocking up on for now and this Fall. Just mix in your favorite (and most comfortable) pumps, statement necklace, slick watch, studs, and opaque black tights for the colder weather. 

Dresses: 1. J. Crew / 2. DVF / 3. Madewell / 4. Tory Burch 
Jackets: 5. Theory / 6. Two Penny Blue / 7. Loft
Skirts: 8. J. Crew / 9. J. Crew / 10. Loft
Pants: 11. J. Crew / 12. J. Crew / 13. Loft (on sale)
Sweaters: 14. J. Crew / 15. J. Crew / 16. J. Crew (all available in many colors)
Tops: 17. Joie / 18. J. Crew / 19. J. Crew

Many of these pieces can be mixed in with your every day or evening wear, which is a huge bonus. Some of the pieces are bigger investments, but when it comes to work wear you need it most days so it will be worth it. If anything a great pair of black pants, a snug but flattering sweater, a blazer, and a white shirt like the one above is a great start. 

And just to show you how versatile these pieces can be, here are just a few of the ways you can mix and match. 
And let's just pretend you closed the deal of a lifetime, this bag would be quite the statement at the office. #treatyourself


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