Puddle Jumpers

Since I have already gotten excited about coats for Fall, you know that boots are following close behind. I have a great pair of fur lined moto boots that I live in come winter, but I think some new rain boots for that in between time of it being cold and there actually being snow on the ground would be a nice addition. Hunters are the logical choice, but they have some new styles this year and there are some other brands that have my eye.  

1. This beige pair by Sloosh Italy are kind of amazing. The color and buckles are gorge. $220
2. This Gucci pair would be an investment, but the shape is perfection. $450
3. Coral is my jam. These would brighten up a cold day. Hunter $148
4. Snakeskin gives this pair by Dav a chic look $80
5. The shape of these Hunter's would be very flattering on anyone. $175
6. I am a sucker for a equestrian stripe and buckle. Dav $110
7. The classic Hunter, but in a great moody navy $148
8. These new glossy black Hunter's have an adjustable back for better sizing (i.e: perfect for people like me with larger calves) $152

And because I cannot resist, although she may not be able to sport them anytime soon, how cute are these for Miss Mary? 
The glossy black are to die and the sweet yellow pair would be adorable on rainy days. 


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  1. My wife and I stayed awake all night making sure he was comfortable and didn't get chilled. Only one of us slept that night - the baby (happily) snug in his coverings. Jumperoo



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