Blurred Reality

This is for all the ladies out there (including myself) that have a really hard time believing that all those selfies being taken are really a true perception of what someone may actually look like. We all have flaws, even the plastic faced darlings of celebrity instagram. And you say that they may just be taking a quick pic, adding a filter, and sending them out into the world so that women everywhere want the name of their dermatologist, it must be how they actually look. There is no time for photoshop. 

And maybe that is true. But let me show you an example of how you can take any picture from no make-up reality to a much more perfect version of so in about 30 seconds.  

A few swipes of your finger and every line is gone, teeth are whiter, under eye circles gone, skin tone is even, and eyes are crystal clear. And while I am really tempted to use this app all the time, I won't because it is gross, really. 

So next time there is a headline about a celebs flawless morning glow without make up, think twice about feeling mediocre. Because more often than not, they had at least a little bit of help. #nofilter is BS. 

And your beauty is real. 

The flawed, starting to wrinkle, needs a pluck, has something in their teeth, trying to cover up that zit on your chin, face of someone that doesn't need to blur the reality of the happy moments of your life is who we all want to see anyway. It is more beautiful that way. 


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