Time for Sunnies

Besides shoes and bags, there is nothing that a lady invests in more than her shades. They truly get more wear than almost everything in your closet and serve many purposes. Part protection from the sun, part protection from the public, we all like to hide behind them a little once in awhile. So they must look good

I have worn this pair of Chanel's so much and unfortunately they have suffered way too much abuse and it is time for a new pair. I am obsessed with them. 

They do not seem that special I am sure, but the shape is my favorite I have ever come across. If you have a favorite pair (I have plenty of others that never get used) you know how I feel. And to my great sadness, Chanel does not make this exact pair anymore. Lame. 

So I am on the hunt. I love over sized and black, but may stray into the navy or tortoise spectrum. They need to be large, but not too and have a bit of a D frame or cat eye going on. Here is what I found so far. 

(Hover over for info, click to view)

The Gucci pair are closest to what I have, but those tortoise Row's are kind of amazing. they sell out fast, so might need to make a decision. Which is hard since as I said, this is quite the investment. Any favorites? What pair do you wear that you can't live without? 



  1. Love the tortoise rows - go for it! I can't live without my ray ban aviators, I'm so in love!

  2. Good luck! New shades are hard to fine. Did you look at Persol's? I'm a hardcore fan of the classic keyhole persol shade. Just got a new pair of Stelle McCartney tortoise & black round specs that are fun. You would look great in the Marc Jacob's "slight" cat eye. Check those out. Happy hunting!

  3. Anonymous10.7.14

    I have the Gucci pair (that you listed third in above selection) and I love them. They are similar to a pair of Chanel's that preceded them. I just found an amaze pair of tortoise Prada sunnies that I left to think about, but this sure seems like a sign :) I'll text the pic to you! xo Kitty



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