Summer Line Up


I have such a love hate relationship with the sun. There is nothing better than its warm soft rays on bare skin in these summer months, but the lines in my face and the spots on my arms remind me of its ugly side. With not a lot of time each morning, I need easy products to moisturizer, cover and correct easily. Here is my morning routine. 

1. Splash face with cold water. I heard about this from Giada and she looks pretty damn good. 

2. I mix a couple of drops of Vitamin C serum with Kate Sommerville Serum Sunscreen and slather on. This is the lightest, non-greasy sunscreen I have tried. I add a little more Vitamin C because why not? (the Sommerville serum can be hard to find, this Super Goop option is a good one too)

3. Dab on a little Kinerase C8 Peptide Under Eye Treatment. This can be used day and night and seems to have tightened things up a bit. 

4. I squirt one pump of Make Up For Ever HD Foundation into a scoop of Algenist Regenerative Anti-Aging Moisturizer. It gives me just enough coverage to not have to wear anything else and keeps my skin moisturized all day without being oily. The Algenist was a great find I was talked into by a woman at Sephora, I am on my second pot which says a lot because of my product hoarding problem. 

If I am lucky, I have time for my 3 minute make up routine, but most days I skip that. Feeling a bit more confident in my skin these days since the hormonal acne has calmed down after babies and these products seem to actually be doing the work they claim to do. Shocking. ha 

What do you swear by in the summer? Would love to hear. 

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