Things I learned While I Was Away

Hi friends! My promise to write clearly was an empty one. It is amazing how fast three weeks can go by and how different life can feel away from home. It is like I have been in an alternate universe and have been beamed back to reality. It was really sad to leave the sunshine and the beach, but it is also really great to be back in our own space. 

This was by far the longest trip I have ever taken. Three full weeks! Being back home makes you realize things you could be doing differently to relax and ways you can make your next trip even better. Here is what I learned this time around...

1. I watch too much TV at home. 

While I snuck in some RHONY at the gym and caught some hockey while we were here, I did not turn on the tv. It is embarrassing to think of how much I watch while at home and I am going to change that up from now on.  

2. I can read a book. An entire one at that.  

I always chalk up not reading a book to not having enough time, but that is a lie. If I can sneak in issues of Vogue in my month, I can certainly do the same with a literary work. I read the Goldfinch and loved it btw! The end dragged a bit, but very well written and a page turner. 

3. Do not take a trip anywhere without childcare set up at your destination. 

Because then you are really just doing the same thing but in a different place. I used Care.com this time around with great success. Do it well in advance and interview people over Skype. That way you can have an extra hand when you need it and can dine out with no kids. Sidenote: The girl I had originally booked to help us bailed last minute, so have back ups in case you need them! 

4. Chores can wait. 

At home I feel like every open minute I have is filled with some chore around the house. Something that has to be put away, washed, cleaned, thrown out, organized. And really it doesn't. I am kind of a slob on vacation and it is ok. So maybe I should let a little of that seep into my every day so I can enjoy my tea while it is hot/read the front page of the newspaper/paint my nails/sit down and eat something/etc with those five minute increments I have when both kids are content on their own. 

5. Ice Cream every day is totally doable and makes me happy. 

At least one scoop a day every day I was here. And while I may be bringing home some extra baggage (ha), it was worth it and fun. I won't get started on the wine consumption. Also totally necessary worth it. 

6. Being outdoors with my husband and the kids is my happy place. 

Tommy started learning to swim on this trip and Mary took her first dip in the ocean. Looking around at my three other "people" I could hardly keep from crying I was so happy. Those memories will forever be ingrained me and I cannot wait to do so much more. We really appreciate it more because we have been cooped up ALL winter. #polarvortex

7. Babies grow up way too fast months 6-12. 

The other morning I looked at Mary sitting up straight in her high chair, eating puffs, and I swear she was sixteen all of the sudden. Once you get through those first rocky months, the honeymoon baby phase starts and goes at lightening speed. Soaking it all up before it is over. tear. 

8. Grandparents with their grand babies are the happiest people on earth. 

The look in a grandmother or grandfather's eyes when they are looking at their grandchild is unreal.  We are so lucky to have such great parents that want to not only spend time with our kids, but really be a part of their lives.  

9. I am jealous of anyone who has a personal chef.  

We ate out almost every night. What made me realize why I was so much more relaxed was that I was not meal planning, grocery shopping, preparing meals, serving meals, feeding people, and cleaning up all that much. You do not realize the work that goes into cooking until you do not have to do it I guess. I miss cooking, but not enough that if a personal chef was an option I would turn it down. 

10. Carve out time for yourself. And your man.  

Matt and I are pretty good about weekly date nights and we carried that over on this trip with golf rounds in the sunshine. I also made sure to line up help and get some spa time in, a few hours at the beach on a lounge chair, and runs outside. It sounds dumb, but every mom knows that it can be hard to not only organize this time away but also follow through (because a million things always come up). Plan this time for yourself in advance. Makes it much more of a vacation for you/Mom. 



  1. Welcome back to Barrington - isn't it lovely...? ;) I loved reading this because I can relate so much! I am a complete slob on vacation, like unmade beds, clothes everywhere - I don't seem to care. At home I need everything picked up and back together - and that's before bus pick up! I don't know why I'm so crazy here.

    I love the idea of using care.com. I have never thought of that. The last two trips, while lovely with the kids, could have maybe been a bit more relaxing if we weren't with them 24/7.

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