Met Gala 2014: Best & Worst

This event has always been a favorite. Though I sometimes loathe the themes that Anna Wintour dreams up (punk? super heros?), everyone turns it up and goes higher fashion than any other red carpet event. Luckily this year the Met celebrates Charles James, a gorgeous and tasteful gown designer. This also used to be a very exclusive event, but somehow everyone got the invite this year so this  round up is seriously long. So many ladies and this is not even all of them! 

Let's start with some of my favorites. These black and white numbers for instance...

Anna is uber-chic, yet stays young with that cut out. 
Hailee KILLS it in Prabal. This is the definition of a great modern ball gown, which so rarely exists. 
Vivi Courtin in Mugler is stunning. Wish I could have found a better picture. 

I am partial to this gown on Claire...

I just loved it during fashion week. I wish she would have worn this to the Oscars. 

I also am really loving this Nina Ricci on Alexa...

It feels so effortless yet perfect for the occasion. Could she do something with her hair just once, though? 

This category is what I like to call the simply beautiful, but maybe boring ladies. There were some gorgeous looks, but a little safe to me. 

From top Left to Right: 
Lauren Bush is just an All American girl in white. 
Love this sheath on Rachel McAdams, but she needed to add some big ass diamond. 
Diane looks pretty, but this is a disappointment given her amazing track record. 
Reese has worn this entire look before. 
Love this white on Victoria. Maybe the best of this lot. 
Charlize can do better, but I do like the tuxedo jacket. 
Selena Gomez in DVF looks chic, but too old for her. 
I wish Kim gave us something to talk about, this would have been better in a different color. 
Preggo Lake Bell needs to smile, she looks scary. Love the dress for maternity though. 
Allison looks awesome, per usual. Love the color. 

This next group wanted to show some skin and did so in a (mostly)tasteful way. 

Rihanna being Rihanna. She looks great. 
LOVE Emma Stone in this. The colors, the hair, the shoes, it is fantastic. 
Beyonce really loves the see through. This is not terrible, but certainly not great. 
Kate Bosworth looks disgusting. Eat a cheeseburger then you can do this dress justice. 
Olivia Munn needs to loose the hair clip, it makes it look like she's the greeting girl at a Luau. But, I like the dress. 
Naomi looks amazing and I really love this dress. 
Anne looks great and does the crop top thing right. 
Gisele. Yep. 
Bianca Jagger looks gorg in this Mugler. 

Because this is a ball, there has to be some drama and some gowns. 

Too many to comment on them all. But I will say that Zoe's is my fav. SJP would have done better with different hair and no gloves. And Rashida's dress is so unflattering. Hoping it is just the angle. 

There were also a fair amount of metallic going on. 

Nicole Ritchie's hair is so terrible. Michelle bugs. And everyone looks pretty damn great. I would have styled Kate Mara in something with less fabric and Jessica Alba in something more interesting, but overall great. 

Despite the super formal dress code, some ladies came in pants. Don't get it. 

But! I do love Stella's look. So how pants should be done for a formal event. The other's I kind of hate. 

Some also decided that short was totally ok. ummmm

Not sure it is, ladies. Rosie does look insane though, right? Michelle is so boring it makes me want to cry. 

Then there are the Olson twins. 

Though they dress like old Victorian ladies, they kind of pull it off? Only they could though. It is weird. 

Then there were the absolute worst of the entire night. 

Lupita! What?! I just do not get it. 
Kate Upton, there are no words for this. 
Katie's dress looks like it is eating her alive. 
I do not get the Star Wars thing. Sorry. 
Chloe's looks like a two piece from a Palm Beach resort collection. 
Sandra Lee missed the turn for Disneyland. Ugh that hair too. Terrible. 
Maggie, do not expect much, but this is beyond. 
Lena. It is a no, girl. 
Shailene looks like she sewed this herself. While on peyote. 
Gabrielle shows us how not to do a crop top. And feathers. 
Margot Robbie has gone from best dressed to worst so fast over this year. Poor girl. 
Peasant girl goes to Prom 1992. 

What did I miss? Anything good or bad? Tell me your faves! 


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