Patio Prep: Outdoor Chairs

The Adirondack chairs that we had out back died last summer and it is time for some replacements. We have black iron patio furniture that is not my favorite anymore, but can withstand any weather and never has to be brought in or covered. So it stays. This is what it looked like last summer. 

That bench has also been relocated to our mudroom, which was seriously needed. At this point I can barely even decide what kind of chair let alone what style I want. But, here is what has peaked my interest. 

Both of these options would have to be stored indoors most of the time, but I love their vintage feel. The beach chairs are something unexpected too. 

The chaise is a great option because we do not have any of them right now. The Ballard chaise would hold up in any weather and I love the lines and simple design. Plus I can have a custom cushion made in a fun fabric. Or do I just go back to the classic Adirondack? 

I love this more modern take on the Adirondack. Plus, it would be nice to have a wood element out there. The rustic feel of the West Elm chaise also goes very well with the style of our house and a nice juxtapose to the furniture we have now. 

Think I am leaning towards a chaise. Once we get our landscaping under control for the Spring (sometimes I love all the land we have and sometimes I want to cry about it) I will know more about budget, which of course drives all of this. Both the wood option and the iron one would look great and my head is already swirling with fabric ideas. Stripes? Solid with Piping? Ikat? Yep, something else to torture myself with. 

Any other great outdoor chairs you have come across? 



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