To All the Moms

You are remarkable. 
And some days you know it and some days you feel so much less so. 
It is a funny, crazy, exhausting, joyful job you have signed on for. 
From those first squeaky cries of that new, pink, perfect baby. 
To the joyful tears of their first school concert. 
To the first time you had the door slammed in your face by a screaming teenager. 
To that strange ache you felt as your last child moved out of the nest. 
To the happy day when your baby brought their own baby into the world.
You were there. You showed up. You kept your post. 
Because that is what you do. 
And though one day a year does not do you justice, 
we celebrate everyone out there that has lovingly nurtured a child. 
Because let's be real. Nothing is possible without Mothers. 

Enjoy your weekend. 

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