Oscars 2014: Best & Worst

The only thing you need to know about the Oscars from last night is that this happened. 

I mean.... I could not stop cracking up! Liza had time to get that blue streak in her hair, but not enough to put on a bra??? It is so awful, what a weirdo. 

Also this couple...

Nothing like seeing a man's calves to kick off the night. Ugh. Lena Dunhum tweeted this and cracked me up...

Pharell already won because he wore shorts and allowed his wife to be taller than him.

Dying. Now on to the rest of the carpet! 
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Anna Kendrick is on my worst list. This makes no sense. The sheer top, the appliqué, the slit, open back, AND the transparent bottom, it is too much and bottom line, ugly.  

Ally McBeal made an appearance. This dress is actually really pretty, but hard to tell in photos. Which is one of the most annoying comment about Oscar dresses, right? ha

Matthew forgot to get his pants hemmed, which is terrible since he looks good otherwise. Camila looks stunning. Love the blush color on her. 

Love, love, love the color of this dress. It also fit her perfectly. But doesn't it feel like something is missing? Gorgeous, but did not blow me away. 

The return of Anne and that pose. She looks amazing in this Gucci. She sparkled like crazy when she presented too. 

Pretty, but boring. Right? 

This weirdly looks better in photos. On TV it looked kind of cheap. Not great, but love her hair and jewels. 

Clearly Cate was going to be the best dressed. Regal and stunning as usual. Love everything about it. 

We thank god for Charlize as well. Stunning and screams movie star. If only she could shake that old, scraggly man she is dating

While I can appreciate the simplicity of this Vera Wang dress, Emma is so much cooler than that. When you have access to every designer it is totally unacceptable to be boring. 

Gah, this kills me. Garner is so, so pretty and this dress is so terrible. I love a fringe dress, but the top of this is bizarre. It looks unfinished or it was modeled after an eighth grade dance dress. The shoes are killing me, too. Love the hair and accessories, though. 

Oh Goldie, love you girl. She needs to lay off the work and the spray tan, but I love them. 

Love the dress, hate the necklace. Love the make up, hate the hair. But she looks pretty damn great. 

This is a perfect dress for Meryl. That belt is not great, but she is pretty much royalty at this point so she does what she wants. 

I could not find a picture of Margot from the front, but I love the back of this. Her new hair is so vampy, too. 

Forever Jordan Catalano. Even with his perfect ombre hair and not so great bow tie, love him. He is a best for me this year. 

Laura Dern came out of crazy town and killed it. She looks gorgeous and this dress is perfect on her. Can't believe she made my best list! 

How on earth does any girl go through the intense preparation of the Oscars and have a wrinkled dress???!!! It baffles me. I would fire a stylist over that. Besides that, Kerry is pretty flawless in Jason Wu.  

This isn't real, right? I knew she was small, but man this is gross. Kelly needs to get off the Soul Cycle and hit the buffet, stat. 

I remember seeing this Jenny Packham from NYFW and thinking Meryl would look great in it. Julie looks pretty, but it does not flatter her and ages her more, no? 

This photo is at a bad angle, but this dress is not doing Julia any favors. Great dress, but I would have gone another direction.  

Gorgeous dress on Angie. 

This was a disappointment. Snoozefest. Her make up and hair looks amazing, though. The backwards necklace needs to be retired, it is tired. 

I cannot remember the last movie Kate Hudson was in (How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days? ha), but she reminded us that she is a huge movie star tonight. Perfect dress, looks drop dead gorgeous, and that caplet came off when she presented and the dress got even better. 

Pretty much my favorite couple right now. Olivia's Valentino is perfect for her bump and I worship those bangles and ring. 

First off, Lupita looks beautiful. I more than love a pleat and this Prada is stunning. The problem is (besides the tiara) that she tore up every carpet leading up to this, so we were prepared to have our minds blown. It did not happen, but she is still on the best list tonight.  

Penelope looks gorgeous. If she could lose that weird drape on the left, it would be perfect. 

Portia came out of no where and stunned in this Naheem Khan. She bugs, but the dress is a best. 

Blue Jasmine is one of the few movies I had seen that were nominated. Sally was fantastic in it and kind of a babe. Her prom style ringlets, super long sleeves, and the lace do not reflect that. While I can appreciate an intricate Valentino, this was not the dress for her. 

And lastly, Sandra looks beautiful. This dress is a gorgeous color and fits perfectly. She could do better though, right? This is what a presenter wears, not a nominee. 

What were your thoughts? Would love to know!

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