After the Oscars: Best & Worst

Because all eyes are on the Oscar Red Carpet and who will make a giant mistake seen by millions, we often see better fashion at the Vanity Fair Party. The ladies usually change into something else more fun and the other attendees turn it up in order to make their appearance relevant. Plus, they always make you feel like this is a party you really want to go to but know you will never be invited. 

Let's start with the good stuff...

I have a soft spot for Sienna. This red gown and the gold bangles is great. Love her geometric clutch. Hair? Not so much. Miranda looks ridiculously gorg. Amy Adams should have sported this for a nod to American Hustle. Taylor Swift buuuuuuugs, but she has turned into one classy lady. Maybe too old for her age, but beautiful.

That is one hot couple. I love Chrissy's dress, so classic and sexy. This is not as great as Kate's red carpet gown, but still a stunner. I know this will be controversial, but I like Diane's lave number. She can pull it off, not many could. 

Heidi usually looks like a train wreck, so this is was a surprise. Simply stunning with great hair. This is also better than Kristen's red carpet gown and perfect for the party. J Law looks fantastic in Tom Ford. Love the shoes. I know you will hate me for saying this, but Khloe looks like a bombshell in dare I say, velvet? Yep. I said it. 

Love Penelope's ruffles and the peek a boo top. While Elizabeth's ensemble is a bit stuffy for this party, I love it. The color is beautiful on her. So is this emerald on Rachel. Love my BFF, Amy. I saw this on during fashion week and hoped someone would sport it. No sequins, easy hair, great bracelets, I want to drink wine with her ALL NIGHT LONG. 

Surprise, surprise, Karlie looks amazing. Kind of getting over the "I have no underwear on" dresses, though. I like this dress on Anna one million times better than her red carpet dress. In love with Behati's (Adam Levine's better half and VS model, poor her) dress. Simple, yet stunning. Mindy is my home girl. While the peplum is not very flattering, the girl always owns what she wears and you can tell she feels great. 

Now for the not so great...
Why on earth does Britney always reach for the choker?! This could have been decent without it, for her. Zooey, I get that this is Oscar de la Renta, but its a no, girl. The hair only adds to the seriously terrible look. This dress on Reese is not so bad from the front, but from the side it is very apparent that she is a mom of three. Speaking of Moms, Anne must be one because she recycled her mother of the bride dress for the party. Terrible. 

Amy's hair always looks bad and the weird side boob action is weirdly placed or something. Rashida is so great, this dress is so terrible it makes me sad. Malin, whoa. That hair has no words. The bust of this dress is bizarre and the entire fit is no flattering. Kate is probably the most beautiful woman in Hollywood, but this dress is cheesy and very showgirl costume-esque. 

Allison is my most recent girl crush, but this dress is swallowing her whole. He awkward pose to show off her engagement ring is also kind of embarrassing. Rosie never misses the mark, but this bib attached to her dress with the side boob is unfortunate. I like Kim's look here actually, the red lip especially. But something about this dress is not right on her. Plus, I am sick of looking at her breasts. Sophia and Kate shopped together, clearly. Cut outs, sequins, loose curled long hair, it just feels forced and not chic. 

Wow, that was so much more fun than the actual carpet! So much more to look at and love that there is such variety. What do you think? 


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  1. Kelly4.3.14

    Ah Sienna. Will always love her.



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