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I am back from the sunshine and gearing up for another frigid week. Being away is so nice, but sometimes coming home can be the best. It reminds you of why you love where you live. Minus the polar vortex, of course. 

Ever since we got home, I have been in full organize/decor mode. Mostly to try and clear all the clutter created by the babes or their stuff that is. But also a little refreshing makes spaces feel newer, even if it is just moving a vase from here to there. One new item that I have added to the abode is this set of elk antlers I scored at a local antique store. 

They were originally slated for above our bed, but they were too tall. So they have found a home above our back door that leads to the mudroom/laundry/garage. I actually think this is a better spot in all. 

These babies are no joke, heavy and super tall. Why this space makes more sense is it brings your eye up more to the vaulted ceiling that only runs along one side of the kitchen/family room. 

I have used antlers before in the faux variety in the dining room. Because we live in the country, a little nature seems very appropriate to incorporate into the decor. 

If you are looking for real antlers such as these, the best resource is your local antique or thrift store. Ask the owner to be on the look out in their shopping and they can find you one if they do not have one already. Ebay and Hunter's Alley also usually have some. 

You can find some great faux options at West Elm

These run only $99-$199 and are papier-mache. 

This Etsy store is where the deer head is from in my dining room. 

They have every color combination that you could want and animal. These are plaster, so the quality is better. Also under $100. 

The woman who runs the antique store that I got the antlers from said "you can never go wrong with nature," when I was contemplating the purchase. Which is kind of cheesy, but so true. Look how a little nature has made a big impact in these spaces. 

Such a cool collection of antlers...

Love the mix of something rustic with the modern kitchen finishes... 

Even antlers can be femme...

They are such a great addition to this vignette... 

Happy antler hunting. 

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  1. LOVE this look! I recently had some antler sconces installed in our living room. Husband and contractor thought I was crazy but they SO work....especially since our front yard seems to be a fav napping spot for deer families. ;)



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