The Good Stuff

In the madness that is the first six months of life after giving birth, things can get pretty dicey. Between no sleep, hormone insanity, losing even more free time then you had before, and doing it in the middle of cold/flu season, it can be so overwhelming. I have really been trying to focus on the goodness in each day then the stressful, because even though it is filled with both we always seem to focus on the negative stuff. Or at least that is what my hormones are doing to me. So when Tommy holds Mary's hand out of the blue or she laughs at him while he dances to old school rap or any of the other wonderfully heart melting moments taking place, I really try to capture it. So that one day when I am old and gray I can think back to this time as wonderful instead of crazy. Because really it is. 

There are also other things not related to kids that are making my days sunnier, even in the bitter cold. Shocker, a lot of it involves shopping and my DVR during nap time. Currently, here are some of my faves. 

1. Someone reads my blog and gave me this Claire Vivier leopard clutch, which has been fun to use on date night. 

2. I have been using this SK-II facial Treatment Essence for a few weeks because I want to look like Cate Blanchett. So far, I am not there yet, but I love it. 

3. Bikinis themselves give me anxiety, but this scalloped one from Free People has been ordered for an upcoming trip to Palm Springs. Time to lay off the cookies. 

4. Cloth & Stone makes the BEST chambray shirts. Incredibly soft and they fall perfectly. This new style from Anthropologie is a new staple. 

5. Tommy lives in striped Hanna Anderson PJs and now I am obsessed with the prints from Serena & Lily for girls. They are a good addition to the hand me down boy patterns she will be sporting some nights. 

6. Just looking at this picture makes me want to ball! If you watched the first Downton episode you know the Ice Queen is back and I love it. So glad to have something on my DVR that does not start with "The Real....

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