SAG Madness

It has been way too long since I have written and I am sorry! Let's just say that it has been a bit of a roller coaster around here. There have been some amazingly fun moments and some exhausting low ones. Which is really just life, but finding balance for myself has been the toughest of all. So in lieu of writing I have been stealing moments for a workout, a quick magazine break, or a long hot shower. What I realize every time I come back here to post is that I really love this little space and appreciate anyone who takes the time to read it. So thank you for hanging in there with me, one day I know I will be more myself and a bit more of a master of mothering two little ones. 

Back to the fun stuff. So the Golden Globes came and went. I took to Instagram to pick my faves (Mr. & Mrs. Seth Myers) and who I thought was a train wreck (Hot Mess Hayden). All in all everyone looked pretty damn good. So when I started sliding through the pictures from the SAGs I was thinking that we were being punk'd. Everyone looked freaking awful minus a select few. So let's get to it, shall we? 

Julia, this is boring. And that slit up the front is weirdly and boldly too high. 

I loved Julia at the Globes, so this is disappointing. Another snoozer, but she looks chic. 

Thank god Sandra was there to pull this crowd up. I loved this.  

Jennifer looks awesome, but I feel like she has worn this before. Stunning none the less. 

What? I mean this is a joke, right? The dress, the (dare I say) panty hose, the gloves, this is a nightmare. Maybe an homage to when she got her SAG card, from the wardrobe of "Glitter," 

I love this dress, but it fits her weird. And I am not a huge fan of the sparkly belt or her hair. The whole thing just feels off, but it shouldn't. 

Pregnancy hormones are messing with Kerry's usually impeccable taste. WTF is this? Wearing a crop top while pregnant is one thing, but a voluminous skirt oddly placed over the middle of your bump is straight up bad. I swear I would have liked this more if she just had her cute little bump fully exposed. 

Thank god for Lupita. Her stylist is earning every dime she is making. Flawless once again and I cannot wait to see what she wears to the Oscars. 

Elizabeth looks really chic. Way to step it up, lady. 

Not that I expect much from Blossom, but this is awful. The proportions, the color, the lace. It looks like she picked it purely for the fact it had pockets, which only made it worse. 

In my mind, Cate can do no wrong. But I have to honest, I am not a huge fan of this. The draping is odd to me and the neck looks like it is choking her. Love the color, though. 

Tina looks rocking (except the hair) and bringing Alice as her date puts her at the top of the list. Jealous of Alice's clutch. Actually, her entire look. 

Unflattering, awful print (butterflies are NEVER a good idea), terrible shoes for this cut, the wrong jewelry... I could go on and on. 

Gorgeous. Love it all. 

Loved this too. She looks really great, which I don't think is usually her MO. 

No. Just No. 

This dress is actually great, but not on Julie. Somehow it just looks like she is trying too hard to be cool or something. 

This is the kind of look that at first glance I love, then at second glance I hate. Still up for debate. 

Great color, slightly weird fit, and too "pointy." Yet everyone was so terrible, that she is probably in my top five. 

Please get Holly a cheeseburger STAT! gross

I think this little munchkin is my best dressed. It is perfect. 

What were your favorites? 


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  1. Yea! You're back! I hear you on juggling two - it's often not a walk in the park and it's OK to admit that.
    My fav of the looks you posted? Elizabeth hands down. I want that dress.
    Welcome back!



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