Spring Updates So Far

With the nursery underway and a few small projects around the house either just finished or about to be, this Spring is feeling great in the house. Which I guess is not really new anymore, but still feels like it every time I drive up to it. 

Since we did not move into until June last year, we had no idea what would be sprouting up around the property. I can tell you that our beds and lawn just love weeds. Love them. So now we know that every Spring there will be a serious clean up, but then some sweet surprises as well. 

We have a lot more flowering trees than I expected. There are two of these flanking the house and I cannot wait to see what it looks like when these babies pop open. 

My new "office" area is kind of my obsession right now. This desk used to be where the nursery is going and never got used. We slid it into the end of the laundry room and it is fantastic. on a day like today, with the windows open, it feels like the best work space in the world. Still need some organizational items to spruce it up, but not worried about it. Notice my "co-worker" below. 

Upstairs there are a lot of blank hallways. I finally started a gallery wall I hope to continue to fill in with new finds as time goes on. It is nice to get a few things up so I can be motivated to find some new treasures to add. 

I wrote before that I had finally made a purchase for the hallway off the kitchen to the master and when I was away they went up. I LOVE them. 

I had been obsessing over how to decorate our living room that you walk into right from the front entrance. It is a great space that will be cozy and fun for entertaining. And during the process of trying to figure it out, I gave up. Really we do not need another living space right now, especially since the basement is done. So instead I turned it into another play space. Throw in some random seating, toys, and a cute tee pee and it gives the little man a place to grab his attention for a little while. Once we know what we really want the space to be, we will finish it. 

I usually want everything "finished" but for now this goes with our lifestyle more. 

And in case you do not follow me on Instagram. Check out my Bensimons that I rocked yesterday from  the previous post. Love them. 

Painters should be coming next month to update the master, great room and the nursery. Picking colors now and excited for that to get done. 


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  1. Isn't spring so fun but overwhelming? I always feel like there is so much to do with the home, inside and out. Looks like you have some great ideas going! Love your co-worker, too cute.



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