I have gotten a lot of questions about the Honest Company, so I thought I should share what has worked for us and what has not from Ms. Alba's new venture. 

If you do not know, the Honest Company provides eco-friendly, non toxic products via the web and delivered to your door. They offer baby supplies (from diapers, wipes, to lotion), cleaning products, and some toiletries. It is always nice to find products that are natural to use for everyone in your household when they actually do their job. 

Let me say that unlike many bloggers, I have not received any free gifts or promotions from the site and if I did that would be the first thing you would know. So this is a totally unbiased opinion. Although if Jessica wants to send me some swag, feel free girl. 

I started using the diapers when he was about a year. Many people have complained of leaks and I have to say I have not had any trouble. We still use Pampers overnight diapers at night, but supposedly Honest is going to have some of those soon. The patterns are all super cute, as are the plain white ones. They run true to size as any other brand. 

The wipes have not been my favorite. I am only using them to clean up faces and hands after eating and on the go, since the travel size is perfect to slip into a purse. I would say they have some work to do to make the wipes as effective as the Pampers ones I usually use. 

I LOVE the Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray. I use it everywhere, especially in the kitchen. It smells amazing, but also can get out grease on your stove or a stain on your counter with ease. I will be trying some new products since this was so great. 

The sunscreen is the only other product I have tried and it is really nice. It is a greasier formula, but smells good. So far no red noses when using it over here. I have tried it as well, but only on my bod since it seems to greasy for my face. 

You can order each individually or do a bundle a month. I chose individually because I am a control freak about having stock around. The bundle (for baby or household products) can save you some money. I had always used diapers.com before, so I am used to the speedy delivery, which you have to pay for with Honest. They do offer free ground shipping, though. 

Next up in my box is the laundry pods. Interested to see how those go and will let you know. What has your experience been like? Overall, I think the message and products are great and hopefully they continue to improve and expand their line. 

They offer free trials, get started here if you like what you hear. 



  1. I was seriously disappointed by these diapers and wipes - I was so sad because I really wanted to like them!

    I will have to try out the sunscreen and cleaning spray.

  2. Update: the laundry pods work great. I have also been getting the bath soap and bubbles and all have been working well. They also have the cutest washable swim diaper.



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