Weekend Rewind

How was your weekend? There was a lot of family time over here, plus a date night, finally saw Zero Dark Thirty (kind of long, but good), and I topped the weekend off with a giant piece of cake that I had been craving. Here is a recap... 

I am trying out a new moisturizer, Clinque Moisture Surge. So far I love it. Light and oil free, but my skin drinks it up and does not get dry later in the day. Perfect for layering under make up.

Date night outfit: Equipment shirt, Gap skinny cropped trouser, Jimmy Choo booties, Marc Jacobs clutch, vintage necklace

I had taken a break from the no-chip manicure, but I had to go back. So amazing how long it lasts. 

My go-to pink is Shellac Romantique

My new bedding came from Crane & Canopy. I had originally told you that I was going to get the Serena & Lily set, but I found this set for half the price. 

It came beautifully wrapped with a handwritten note. Bonus is that they donate a set of bedding to charity with every person. The smell of lavender wafted from the box when you opened it. Great packaging. 

Going crazy over coral lips for Spring. 

Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Lodhi, Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment in Coral, MOR lip gloss

Candlelight at Easter Vigil 

I had not made this Herbed Cheese & Sun Dried Tomato Stuffed Chicken in awhile. Forgot how good it is. And easy. 

Some fancy shoes for Easter that I died over. Then when it came to putting them on him Easter morning, one foot would not fit. Literally threw them across the room. 

His sneaks worked fine though. He actually grabbed some eggs. 

Got a little saccharin with the colors on Easter, but I essentially wore the same outfit as date night, except... 

Added a Zara blazer and Banana top that is no less than ten years old. It was just not warm enough for a spring-y dress. Add to that I have two giant bruises on my legs that have not seen the sun for about two years. Not cute. 

Hope your weekend was fantastic. 

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