Master (Bedroom) Plan

It still feels like there is so much to do at the house, like an endless list that I will never get to the bottom of. We have an empty living room, a dark hallway that is in desperate need of light, door knobs that need to be installed, runners to be picked out, a barren guest room, and on and on. I have settled on that fact that this will all take years. And it is okay. 

The one room that needs attention next, since we use it every single day, is the master bedroom. We have lived without a headboard and the furniture we brought with us since June. With just a few more pieces and some paint, the room will finally become more like home to us. I have been looking at many, many pictures on Pinterest to settle on a room that mixes our already masculine furniture with some softer touches. I like rooms to have that mix and it only seems fitting for the master. 

Here is the finished product, or at least a mock of what it will look like. I hope. 

Already owned: the dressers, bench, rug, and lamps. 

What I need to get: coral trimmed bedding, tufted nailhead headboard, Gray Shower Benjamin Moore paint

I wanted a moody color on the walls since the attached bath is all white with white marble counters. Those gray boxes are actually windows. The rug was the old one from the family room and I love how it looks with the dark floors. For just a slight punch of color, I love coral with the gray and navy. 

What do you think? Should I stick with these choices? It is not that much to get, but pulling the trigger is so hard! 


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