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This week is up there as one of my favorites, although really only for one reason.  Been trying to keep my mind on other things (and off the baby online shopping madness) and focus on having a relaxing weekend. Date night tonight, baby shower tomorrow, but other than that just family time at home. 

Meanwhile, I am already obsessing over nursery design. How sweet is this wallpaper

Love the watercolor and the hint of mint with the pink peonies. 

I have a really odd shaped living room, so this set up is kind of interesting to me. No sofa. 

Not to mention the airy, simple design is gorgeous. 

Somehow I feel like my legs are never going to be tan again, so maxi anything is a good look for me. Love these two options

The green is very bump friendly, too. 

Once I break out this recipe for Orzo, Corn, & Avocado Salad it does start to feel like Spring, even though it is not. 

I finally tried the Beauty Blender

I will say it is kind of amazing. I use it to put on BB cream and foundation. It keeps everything even and as advertised, blends well. 

And to start this weekend with a laugh, or at least something totally disturbing, I stumbled on this gem. 

I have never done (nor plan to do) a body cast at nine months, but if you are interested there is a company that will not only send you the kit to make it, but the crafts to paint it in a nursery rhymes theme to decorate your child's nursery. Scary. 

Happy Weekend! 

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