Round Two

Yesterday was a big day. I have been anticipating it for weeks, anxious for the morning to come, and overjoyed with the results. 

Yesterday, I found out I am having a baby girl. 

I can still hardly write the words because my overwhelming happiness is still stirring madly inside me. 

So in other news, I am pregnant. Or did you figure that out already? My little guy is going to be a big brother to a little lady and the thoughts of it melt my heart. 

I wanted to wait to write about it until I knew the sex and saw the little hands and feet dancing around. There are twenty weeks left to go, which are going by at a much faster pace then the first time around. 

There was no doubt that the news of having a girl was what I wanted to hear at my appointment. It almost makes you feel guilty going in because if it was not, would I have reacted poorly? Probably not, although my technician said that some ladies leave in tears. I have to imagine those are women on their third, fourth, fifth of one sex. Right? 

My kids (wow, still hard to wrap my head around the 's') will be about nineteen months apart. That is six months more than my brother and I, who although younger became much bigger and stronger than me quite quickly. Luckily, I got at least one chance to show him who was boss. 

Tommy is at the most amazing age right now and I am soaking up all of it as I know in a few months my attention will be split. It may be a little already as my mind is dreaming of everything pink, bows, ballet slippers, and ruffles. When your first is a boy, full fledged girliness is necessary. 

It feels so great to share all of this with you. There will be more pregnancy, nursery decorating, sibling advice, and other related baby posts in the coming months. But do not worry, there will be plenty of non-child related writing as well. 



  1. Wonderful news, Erin! You will love having a girl to fuss over, and do "girly" things with. Love to you all. Gretta

  2. Yipeee....this is the news I've been waiting for :)



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