Decorating the Nursery...

Though it seems like a long way off that this baby girl will be here, in decorating terms it really is not that much time. I have already been obsessing over ideas and have come up with two concepts. Since it is fun to share and hear your feedback, it was time to post them and see what you think. I could change my mind any second on what I want this room to look like, but these two ideas are what is sticking in my head right now. Each room has one room of wallpaper, which I am super excited to try out in the house. 

A more modern nursery, with girlie touches....

And then a more traditional super-girlie room in pinks and mint...

Any thoughts? The items themselves are not the final products I would probably use, but a good starting point. I would love to know which you liked better or if you have any suggestions. 



  1. I didn't think anything could pull me away from that beautiful peony wallpaper but I love the look you put together for option #1!

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