Keeping it in the Family

We have been lucky enough to receive some art from my grandmother who passed and Matt's grandfather who passed. It can be so hard to incorporate these pieces into your more contemporary space. I decided to give the framing a modern upgrade so I could hang them in many different spaces and rearrange easily later. Old frames can be great, but many of the ones I have received were in disrepair and really dated. 

Matt's grandfather liked to paint, so these are actually his works. Which makes them so special. Here is a future cowboy after nap time with this new cowboy. 

I went with a simple white frame since I can see this be part of a gallery wall later. 

The train replaced the Love poster I had and I think it works great with the more modern changing area. 

He is not into trains yet, but if he ever is I like to think that he will pumped to have this in his room. 

My grandmother had these Norman Rockwell prints hanging in her home for as long as I can remember. I love their fresh new look in white frames and matting. 

It worked great in this vignette by the mudroom entrance. 

And the larger one found a home in the dining room, above the buffet. 

I am lucky that I like these. What a nightmare it is when you receive something you just could not find a place for or hate. Reframing can be really pricey, especially for the prints. If you ind a gem of a painting at grandma's or at a flea market, bring it to a framer and just do a simple frame around the edge. The price tag is not that much and will be worth it. Unless of course it has an amazing frame, lucky you. 


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