White Washed

We have a living room in our house. Do you? I want it to be a room that we will actually use, not one that sits there looking pretty. My thoughts are that it would be nice to make it another family room with no television. That way it has a comfortable feel that makes it usable daily, yet I also want it to have style for entertaining guests. In my search for inspiration, I have found myself gravitating towards rooms painted white. Which is strange because I am really a color person. Although, lets get serious, I usually choose some version of gray. White walls seem so chic with neutral furniture and pops of color from plants, pillows, art, or window coverings. Here is what is steering me this way...

Love that mustard settee in the middle of the room and the striped rug. 

Traditional sofa and wing back with modern wood chairs. So Cool. 

Gray, gold and white is such a great combo. 

The rugs are little random for me, but that painting is gorgeous. 

I love the ease of this room, yet it also looks comfy. Worship the rug. Anyone know of one like it? 

I for sure want a fiddle fig like this one, and I like the texture of the ottoman. Z Gallerie has a similar one. 

Again, loving the stripes and the fiddle fig. 

Very neutral with geometric pillows would be easy to put together. And there is that striped rug again. 

Striped sofas. yes. 

A few too many patterns for me, but I like the striped fabric. And those tables, I saw them at World Market on sale. 

Classic, with wood accents and brass. 

Think I am going in the right direction? Can't decide if white is boring, or leaves you with endless possibilities. 



  1. all of our house is pretty much white walls and white furniture with it and easy to change a color pallet with pillows etc! A great white for the walls is China White----it has just a hint of grey and its really warm.

    1. Gilian15.1.13

      Thanks for the tip, Kelley!! Sounds like you have a magnificent plan! Please keep posting your ideas...sounds like you've got oodles of them!

  2. Anonymous21.12.14

    Go ahead I just did it China White is beautiful with navy, black, red during the Holidays, green in the spring etc. I also have ebony floors. LLLoooovee it.

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