Golden Globes 2013: Best & Worst Dressed

The globes started out pretty sad. Not a lot of talent and a lot of boring dresses. Then things started to pick up. 

Let's start with how a-mazing Claire Danes looks one month after having a freaking baby. I am not in love with the dress, but she pulls it off. 

In the first wave of people arriving, there were a lot of strangely shaped ball gowns. They reminded me of the ill fitting ones from Jessica McClintock that frequented many proms in the late nineties. Who wants to emphasize their hips? So confusing. Then Jennifer Lawrence came and showed them all how a gown like that should look like. Or shall I say Dior did? Jennifer was one of the best dressed all night, minus her hair and make up. 

The rest of my Best Dressed was a bit harder to narrow down than I thought it would be. It came down to some girls in soft colors and the ladies in black. 

I LOVE Nicole Ritchie's dress (not the matchy eye make up). While Anne's was kind of unflattering, that white looks prefect against her skin and hair and I am starting to understand her simplicity. Jessica looked incredible, love that color. Amy's dress is actually more blush than nude and fit her perfectly. I was pleasantly surprised by all the black. I loved all of these, especially Julianne's. This picture does not do this dress justice.  

Now for the worst of the bunch....

Debra's dress looks like a duvet from Anthropologie made into a dress. What? Two of my fav ladies from my two fav shows, Homeland and Downton, so sad to put you on here! Lady Mary could have killed it without those shoulder pads and turtleneck. J. Lo, we get it your naked. Oh, and Halle, we also get it, you are hot over 40. Ms. Milano needs a steamer and a different dress, stat. 

Tina and Amy were hilarious hosts and honestly I could not be more obsessed with them as people, but these looks need some help. 

I so wanted to love Amy's tux, because I love that idea, but the length of the pants and those awful shoes make it all kind of cheesy. 

There were some other looks that I liked. Marion, a very preggo Kristen Bell, Hayden in white, and Naomi Watts. And clearly some also terrible looks. Did you see Guiliana's dress/Halloween costume while she hosted? It was frightening. 

Do my picks stack up with yours? Would love to hear yours. 

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