The Good, Bad, & Kind of Ugly: Critic's Choice Awards

While the Critic's Choice awards are far from the Globes or the Oscars, I was totally underwhelmed with the ladies of the red carpet. There were not that many, so let's see how they did, shall we? 

I hate this dress. And I do not usually use that word to describe any dress. I REALLY want Amanda to take risks and look incredible, this was not a risk she should have taken. That weird hem could not confuse me more. 

Nailed it, Naomi. 

Wowza. Helen Hunt is a babe, who knew? I love the coral color. 

Are you serious, Anne? This is your year to win a freaking Oscar and be the star of every red carpet, and this is what you and Rachel chose?! Bo-ring. 

Jessica looks pretty, but this is so blah. Take it up a notch, lady. You could also be clutching a lot of awards this year.  

Thank god Marion did something sweet and interesting. She is just French enough to pull off all the flowers. Her simple make up and nude accessories are perfect. 

I actually like this dress, but wish Leslie would have not been so matchy with the bag. 

No one on the planet can pull off this dress from Chanel except Elle. Those shoes make me want to die, but she looks young and fresh. Exactly as it should be. 

This Pucci dress that Emily is wearing has an open back that was pretty. This length is weird to me though. Love the red lips. 

This dress is weird to me. The leather on top, then the grandma-esque draping on the bottom. And do not get me started on that chiffon train. Gag. If you lost the ruffles, draping and train, it would have worked. 

I am a softie for navy and white. I actually love this. 

It is a crime to put such an unflattering dress on a girl with such a great bod. The back also had ruffles that made her look like a Real Housewife of Atlanta.  

Molly, you became a mother, not a grandmother. This dress belongs on Maggie Smith. Who would kill it. 

How can you not love Sally Field? Cute hair, tailored dress, black accessories. Just as classic as she is. 

Cannot wait to see the red carpet for the Globes on Sunday. Hopefully some of these ladies up their game. I am sure they just wanted to underwhelm us and keep the best for the bigger show. Let's hope. 

Happy Weekend. 


  1. Danielle Fluegge11.1.13

    Hi! I am Carolyn (Ciotti) Rinaldi's cousin and got hooked on your blog through her and Alison B! This is one of your funniest posts yet, and you couldn't be more spot-on...I love visiting your page:)

    1. Hi Danielle! Thank you so much for reading! I can not tell you how lovely it is to get notes like this. Glad you like my snarky opinions. xo

  2. Anonymous11.1.13

    I couldn't agree more. Anne, step it up!!



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