Paris Couture Fashion Week for Oscars 2013

There is no doubt that I am opinionated about what is worn on the red carpet for awards season. Maybe a little too harsh. My view though is that these girls get to pick from the very best dresses from the world's most talented designers and wasting that opportunity makes me angry. I am sure the stylists that are used are very nice people, but sometimes they get it wrong. Not to say I would do that much better, so I thought I would put myself to the test. The couture shows wrap up this week in Paris and there have been some seriously gorgeous gowns that are perfect contenders for the Oscars. Here are some of my favorite gowns and the girls I would put them in. 

Amanda Seyfried is young and gorgeous and she needs to edge up a bit. This Altier Versace gown is sleek, modern and will help her stand out. 

Anne Hathaway has a pretty good chance of walking away with a little gold man. She needs something stunning so those pictures last a lifetime. This Ellie Saab would be beautiful with her skin and hair.  

I have no idea who would wear this, but I am in love with this Chanel. Would love for someone to go out on a limb and rock it. 

Jessica Chastain has been kind of lame this awards season and she is so gorgeous. This Valentino is structurally interesting and true couture. Maybe they could make it in more of a blue or blush for her. 

Adele always wears black, I think it is time she broke out of that. I thought of her immediately when this Giambattista Valli was shown. The models red hair shows you how amazing Adele would look in it. The cut is also flattering and forgiving for a mew mum. 

Naomi Watts is flawless and classic. This Dior is the same with a bit of a twist. The color is amazing and I think she would seriously take home best dressed if she wore it. In LOVE with it. 

Jennifer Lawrence is a wild card. She is young and has that "I don't really care" attitude that makes her able to pull off almost anything. This Atelier Versace has a print, which I love and I think she could steal the carpet with it. (lose the hat and the bar on the shoulder)

Jennifer Garner will be on the arm of Ben, at least we hope! This red Ellie Saab would be the perfect compliment to her dashing husband. Since she is not nominated she can only go so far, but this lace and the red color are gorgeous. 

Helen Hunt is such a babe now, but she is of a certain age. This Ellie Saab would be beautiful on her and still sexy.  

Photos from Style.com 

What do you think? 


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  1. That Chanel gown...die. You hit the nail on the head with the gown for Adele.



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