Best & Worst Dressed SAG 2013

The SAGs, much like the Golden Globes is a party that makes you feel like you want to be invited. People are relaxed, drinking champers at their table, and usually choose fashion that is a bit more adventurous. There were plenty of pretty dresses last night, some I am not even mentioning, because honestly there were a lot. 

Let's start with my Most Improved category for the night. These girls do not usually get it right according to me. Either picking the wrong dress or wearing the same dress over and over. Last night, they turned it out. 

Sofia finally dropped the mermaid gown and wore something different. The cream is pretty on her. Jenna, or Pam as I like to call her, usually chooses matronly dresses and I love this dress she picked. She finally did herself justice and looked hot. Amy has to be one of my favorite people on earth, but somehow missed the mark most nights. This Oscar is gorgeous on her, love. Busy Phillips has that Bohemian vibe on the red carpet that usually just does not quite come together. She rocked her bump and went clean and elegant, and looked amazing. 

 I call this category, my WTF?! picks. As in WTF did these ladies pick these dresses?! 

They all look pretty, but seriously girls, could you please have picked something else? Lady Mary, your boob is coming out, did you know that? The color of Jennifer's dress is just not right and she looks amazing, but somehow uncomfortable. The cheer top and bottom of Anne's dress bugs. Her make up is stunning and the dress is just not. Totally disappointed! 

You know who did not disappoint? This lady...

Marion is by far and away my best dressed of the night. I love everything about this dress, her simple shoes, fresh face, sleek hair and jewelry. 

The rest of these ladies rounded out my top looks of the night...

Jennifer also wore Dior and looked totally chic. The little girl from Mad Men won me over! Giuliana made a huge comeback from her Goth look at the Globes with this Max Azria, the color is beautiful. Somehow Julianne Moore is the only person who could wear this and I would like it. Jessica looked classic and sexy in red. Claire went dark with her lips (love) and her dress in Givenchy. Normally a choker necklace makes me want to die, but Helen hunt pulls it off and I can't get over how amazing she looks. Amanda probably could have taken it a little farther, but her Zac Posen is a gorgeous color and that necklace is to die.  

And finally, the worst of then night, at least in my eyes...

January's actually would not be that bad if it was not for that hair. Wow. When did Edie Falco go from siren to grandma? Julianna's dress has way too much going on, she is so stunning so it pains me that she wore this. Nancy's dress speaks for itself, WAY too loudly. Jane's dress looks like a Step-Mother of the Bride dress, just cheesy. My one and only man on the list, Justin has to be joking, right? 

What were your favorites? Hope your list matches mine. 

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