Decking the Halls

Putting up Christmas decorations always starts fun for me, but always ends up being a bit more work than I remember. This year, there are more mantels to decorate and I wanted to use things we already had. Outside, I actually hung the garland and lights myself only to find them on the ground an hour later. Matt rehung them for me (almost) happily. I was bummed since I wanted to accomplish that on my own, but at least I tried? 

I went with fresh garland and just lights around the entry. The house is set away from the street, so really no one will see it except guests and us. It was my first round buying real garland. I clearly did not pick the lushest of them, which I will do next year. 

The larger LED lights are a cooler color than the traditional. I like how much it lights up the entry. I bought the wreath (all of them) and got crafty by making the bows

We use a fake tree inside. It is just easier and I love how it is already lighted. My mom gave me these fun yellow, silver, and black striped ornaments last year. I love the unexpected colors in the tree along with the more traditional ones. 

The fresh wreaths inside make up for the fake tree. They smell amazing. To keep them fresh, I spritz with some water every other day or so. The little bells garland and the crystal candlesticks are what I usually use as the centerpiece for Christmas dinner. 

These glass vases are always on the island, so I just filled them with some pine cones and garland. I am using that low vase to hold Christmas cards this year. 

Glittery little trees for the side table in the family room. 

The mantel in the family room has some great (fake) garland from Nell Hill's that my mom sent me on it. 

Also from Nell Hill's is this amazing lighted wire. It is battery operated, flexible and gives off great light. Genius for indoor decorating. 

I used this idea last year. It is an easy way to add cheer to a vignette. 

The mantel in the living room I kept simple since the tree is in here. I watched a video to help me tie the wreath bows. I used a plaid tartan and white polka dot ribbon. Then I used some bulb lights from Ikea and Moroccan tea glasses as votives. It will be pretty with the lights turned off at night with the tree. 

Since I was already all over the decorating, I finally put round bulbs in my new light fixture (vintage). I go in the living room and turn it on all the time now. Just to stare. Yep, obsessed. 

Here's to happy holiday decorating and a fun weekend. 


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