Starting to Get Jolly Around Here

Finally settled back into reality after a fantastic break on the beach, I decided to start the holidays off yesterday. I will be hosting Christmas this year and decided there is no time like the present to get things started. Let me just be clear that decorating for a holiday is not usually my forte, but I am trying a bit more now that I have the responsibility to bring on the cheer and all. 

So here are my first attempts at a few, easy ways to bring on the jolly. 

Tiny star garland (Target) and big round bulbs (Ikea) on a mini tree in the entry...

Note: Real tree, but just a little guy
 Branches (Ikea) and garland (the real deal) in the kitchen nook....

Filled my usual flower vases by the entry with some cheap ornaments (Ikea), bead garland (Ikea) and costume pearls (mine), plus spruced up the back with some leftover greens and branches (more like shoved, but it turned out pretty good). 

Things really got crazy when I filled this silver champagne chiller with metallic ornaments (Ikea) and some strands of LED lights (Ikea). Kind of obsessed with it. Not so much because it is so gorgeous, but because it made me feel clever, which rarely happens. 

So far, it is starting to feel like the holidays, and I like it. 


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  1. Anonymous29.11.11

    Great ideas!! You put me in the decorating mood!



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