Weekend Wishes

I am leaving you for the holiday week. I am sorry you will not be hearing from me, but this girl needs a week off and some sun. Before I head off to the Sunshine State, I have a quick stop off in Minneapolis for the baby shower of my best friend. I am counting the seconds before my flight, because although it will be cold there, I am dying to see her and celebrate her upcoming babe. 

A lot of my wishes this week revolve around food and rest, not shocking in my state....

Stone crab claws in Florida are a serious treat and I plan to down quite a few. Nothing better when they are fresh from the ocean. 

How amazing are those little cookies? Obviously made by a professional and I want one right now. 

I wish is to savor every page of Mindy Kaling's new book. I am a huge fan of the office and of her. From what I have read so far, it will be the perfect beach read. 

Mocktail, schmocktail, I wish it was a real margarita. But in the mean time, this Ginger Lime recipe looks delicious and easy. You can always add tequila or vodka to yours. 

Finally, I wish that you all have the best of Thanksgivings with whomever you happen to celebrate with. 

Be back in a week! 

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